Is Your Car or Van ULEZ Friendly?

What is the ULEZ?

London’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) is a government-led initiative first introduced in April 2019 with the goal of improving air quality in central London by cutting the number of older, more polluting cars taking journeys through the capital. Drivers of non-compliant cars, motorcycles and vans are charged £12.50 a day for driving in the zone.

Where is the ULEZ?

Initially, the ULEZ was limited to central London, covering the same area as the London Congestion Charge. In October 2021, the ULEZ expanded significantly to include all areas inside the North and South Circular ring roads.

From 29th August 2023 the area covered by the ULEZ will expand to take in almost all areas inside the M25, stretching as far as Newham, Lewisham, Haringey and Brent. This change will affect hundreds of thousands of drivers, including those who drive into central London from surrounding counties such as Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Kent and Essex.

How Much Does the ULEZ Cost?

£12.50 will cover travel through the ULEZ for a 24-hour period if you have a non-compliant vehicle. For those regularly commuting through the zone, this shakes out to around £4,550 a year.

Travel is free for those in a ULEZ-compliant vehicle.

Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) may be issued if someone drives within the zone in a vehicle that does not meet the emissions standards and they do not pay the correct daily charge. The penalty charge is £180 each day, but this is reduced to £90 if paid within 14 days.

How Do I Know if My Car or Van is ULEZ-Compliant?

Generally, any petrol vehicle sold before 2006 and any diesel vehicle sold prior to 2015 will likely not meet the correct emissions standards.

However, by the far best way to be sure you’ll avoid the charge is with a Hybrid or EV vehicle.

You can see if your vehicle is compliant by using the checking tool on Transport For London's website.

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